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Origin Story 

 In 2019, Kat Magill (a Los Angeles based poet) experienced the detrimental economic hit of COVID-19, like so many artists around the world. While scrolling social media, she witnessed one fearful post after another, of her artistic community in financial distress as well as spiritual and mental health plummeting. Within one week of the quarantine mandate Kat leaped into action with only a ring light, Postit board, and huge personality to create a philanthropic, donation based, Instagram Slam, that could raise money for fellow poets but more importantly could sustain the love and support of artists among each another. Kat pioneered one of the most inclusive and well viewed slams Instagram has ever see, bringing poetry to new heights, offering over $16,000 in assistance to artist (and still going). Since Screen Time's first slam on March 24, 2019, STS has been a platform to celebrate the individuality and culture of everyone while enjoying some of the best poetry and music the world has to offer. 


To provide an accessible, equitable and diverse platform for performance artists that strengthens/restores community, arts integration and financial assistance.